Category 1

ARMY MEDICNIE WEBSITE - Links to Army H1N1 Flu Information

CDC H1N1 (Swine) Flu Information - Information about H1N1 Flu from CDC

RIA Flood Information - Provides briefing on flood actions and status, road closures etc.

RIA Operational Impact_Inclement Weather - Displays RIA delays, dismissals and closings due to weather

ADPAAS - Army Disaster Personnel Accountability

Disaster Assistance - Links to apply for disaster assistance

HQDA Ready Army Website - HQDA's Ready Army Website - Readiness information

FEMA - FEMA Preparedness information

American Red Cross - American Red Cross preparedness information

NAVY Operation Prepare Page - For NAVY Personnel

Category 2

READY KIDS! - Activities for kids

Category 3

Department of Homeland Security - DHS information for citizens

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC's information on preparedness

CDC Winter Weather Page - Center for Disease Control and Prevention website

NOAA Winter Weather Awareness Page - Information from the National Weather Service

Category 4

Be Ready Iowa - Iowa's readiness campaign

Ready Illinios - Illinois readiness campaign

Category 5

Scott County Emergency Management - Scott County EMA website

Storm Spotter - NWS QuadCities Storm Spotter Info

Category 6